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The MGVA Code of Conduct is acknowledged during new member registration. This is an overview for all players who are not just current members, but also all persons who are subbing on a MGVA team. Any person playing during a MGVA sanctioned event is subject to follow the MGVA Code of Conduct. 


 Players will practice good sportsmanship.  

 Players will act in ways that bring respect to themselves, their captain, team and MGVA. 

 Players will not use bad language.  

 Players will not swear or insult other persons.  

 Players will not fight with other athletes, coaches, volunteers or staff. 


 Players will learn and follow the rules of my sport.  

 Players will always try their best during league play and tournaments.  


 Players will not make inappropriate or unwanted physical, verbal or sexual advances on others.  

 Players will not smoke in non-smoking areas.  

 Players will not use illegal drugs at MGVA sanctioned events.  

 Players will obey all laws and MGVA governing rules for my sport.

Players understand that if they do not obey this Code of Conduct as well as the Rules and Regulations provided by MGVA, they will be subject to a range of consequences by the league referees or the MGVA Board up to and including not being allowed to participate.  If a league referee or the MGVA Board Members make the decision of league dismissal the individual(s) dismissed will not be refunded their league fees.

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