The intent of this document is to establish Covid related, best practices at all MGVA events. Rules and Guidelines can and will be amended to adhere, CDC and City of Milwaukee Health Department regulations.


1. Before, during and after the contest, players, officials, and observers should wash and sanitize their hands as often as possible. 

2. Always maintain social distancing of 6 feet while on the field/court of play when possible. 

3. Everyone must have their own beverage container that is not shared. Safe handling practices should be adhered during hydration, which includes refilling, retrieval and identification of water source.

4. Facial coverings are mandatory for players, observers, and officials while not actively playing.

5. Gloves are permissible for all players, coaches and officials. 

6. The ball should be cleaned and sanitized 

·      between matches,

·      if coming into contact with players on other courts

·      if coming into contact with observers

·      the ball should be cleaned as recommended by the ball manufacturer. 

9. Attendance at events is dependent on host site and local health department guidelines and restrictions. Non- players or observers is being discouraged at this time and subject to the capacity rules of the hosting facility.

12. A participant’s role in maintaining safety guidelines for themselves and others is very important. Make sure you and immediate household members are free from illness before participating in open play and competition (if there is doubt stay home). 


1.    Each player must shag their own individual ball, if a ball inadvertently goes to the other team’s side, none of the opposing players may throw the ball back. 

2.    Warm ups should be conducted in “pods” / “bubbles” of participants with same players staying together to limit overall exposure

3. Only team members playing in the current match can shag balls. 


1.    The pre match will be limited to one captain from each team, and the up ref. 

2.    The location of the pre match conference will be at center court. All individuals must maintain a social distance of 3 to 6 feet. 

3.    If a ball goes into the crowd, or an observer touches it, it must be cleaned before putting back into play. 

4.    Team Benches, or non-playing team members must observe social distancing of 3 to 6 feet.

5.    Officials Table, only one score tracker will be allowed and must be limited to score table area. 

6.    Officials may only use hand whistles; hand whistles must be sanitized before and after an official uses it. 


1.    Handshakes, high fiving, fist bumping before and after the match will be eliminated. 

2.    Team celebrations must not involve touching. 

3.    Keep accurate records of who attends each session in case contact tracing is needed

4.    Personal Hand sanitizer is encouraged, Hand sanitizer should available be plentiful at all events.