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MGVA's Power Play takes place every Thursday from 5:45pm-8:15pm. It is offered year-round on one indoor hard court at Beulah Brinton Community Center (2555 S Bay St. Milwaukee, WI 53207). Sign-in opens on Wednesdays at 5:45pm and will be closed once capacity (18 players; 1 court, 6 players on a team) has been met. MGVA is cashless & pre-payment ($5) is required during sign-up.


Thursday Power Play is focused on continued player development at a higher level of competition. Players will have the opportunity to practice their fundamental volleyball skills of serving, passing, attacking, setting, blocking, and defending but are also expected to have the ability and knowledge needed for competitive, position-based volleyball. ​Players will be asked which positions they want to and know how to play, and teams will be presorted to keep competition even and exciting.


Power Play is always open to our Advanced players, while our Experienced Intermediate players are invited every other week. See the descriptions of these categories below and follow our Facebook page to see who is invited to Power Play each week!


Prospective New Attendees, especially at the Experienced Intermediate level, should speak with the Player Development Director to see if attending Power Player will be a good fit. Safety is a number one priority, but retaining a higher level of play is also important. New players may be asked to observe a session of Power Play before participating or to attend a Wednesday Social Play to assess general skill level. Players may be turned away at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


In line with MGVA’s mission to create a supportive space for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies, all participants must adhere to the MGVA Open Play standards found on the Open Play page as well as the MGVA Code of Conduct. The Player Development Director and/or Board of Directors may step in if a player is not being respectful during MGVA events.


Accordingly, Advanced players choosing to attend Power Play during Experienced Intermediate nights should recognize that the level of play may be a bit lower, but that fostering a kind and welcoming environment for all participants is an important job for everyone in the MGVA community. They must be willing to retain a positive attitude on the court and are encouraged to help out and support players with less experience.


Note: Although MGVA is a member of NAGVA and has used a similar letter system to denote its divisions, our league rankings (C, B, B+, BB) are not aligned with the standards used at NAGVA. For example, many players in MGVA’s BB league are rated B at NAGVA. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the Player Development Director.

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