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MGVA is committed to providing a safe, fun, welcoming and competitive play environment for all its members through open play. MGVA hosts open gym a couple nights per week, with each day designed for a different level of play.

Players are expected to attend open play offerings that are best suited to their play.

Regardless of which open play a player goes to, by attending a MGVA event, players agree to contribute to a safe, supportive, & respectful playing environment that adheres to MGVA core values.

Examples of actions that demonstrate MGVA core values:

  • Encouraging communication on and off the court at all times

  • Offering (solicited) advice on how to improve aspects of play

  • Inviting new players into off court conversations, e.g., actively attempting to get to know new players, etc.

Examples of actions that are against MGVA core values:

  • Rude, shady or disrespectful comments about other players

  • Actively not including individuals from being involved in plays

  • Communicating angrily with teammates or opponents

  • Harsh nonverbal communication with teammates or opponents (e.g., eye rolling, ignoring teammates, disengaging from team huddles or shows of camaraderie, etc.)

  • Attending MGVA under the influence to the point it negatively impacts your play

  • Consistently arriving late to play without advance notice given

Open play organizers will be responsible for:

  • Utilizing advance registration / payment process to organize open play

  • Ensuring that teams are best designed for a balance in play that enables players to maximize their skills as much as possible

  • Ensuring that players are aware of and encouraged to attend open play offerings best suited to their play

  • Setting an expectation of a safe, supportive & respectful playing environment

Players are encouraged to speak with an open play organizer, a MGVA board member, or email to discuss any concerns related to these standards of play. An organizer may reach out to a player either before, during or after any open play to offer feedback about any of these matters. If this happens, please treat them with respect.



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